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A bride is shagged by three types


Subject in any part to the social pressure of her friends and her family, Helena was eventually agreed to a marriage of which she did not want to. At the last minute, the slut loves and decides to send in the air with the two strip-teaseurs who had made his burial life of a young girl and which she had kept the number without to know why. Well decided to take his foot like never before, and the girl invites them to join her in the suite that her future husband has rented for the wedding. Hardly the lads to have-they joined that it requires to be jumping on the field. Rushing to meet the wench in heat, the two guys start immediately pound her ass, taking her by the cunt and the ass at the same time. Joined by a third strip-teaseur warned by his friends, the guys fuck the ass of the bitch who defiles without remorse the sheets of his future wedding night.

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